Steve Buscemi to star in unscripted series for AOL

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

American Online is entering the growing world of original programming for online streaming, producing their own series titled Park Bench starring Steve Buscemi.

The AV Club reports that Park Bench will just sort of follow Buscemi around New York City as he carries out "unscripted moments and conversations" with both average New Yorkers and other celebrities, taking viewers "on an adventure through the city."

For now, there's no more indication on how the series will work beyond that, how structured the conversations and the scenes of the show will be, or how Buscemi, normally a character actor, will do holding up his own unscripted series.

Presumably the series will stream on AOL.com, an email service most popular in the dial-up days when the internet was much younger. AOL joins a plethora of sites and services, including Xbox and DirecTV, that are following Netflix and Hulu's example into the world of producing their own content for online streaming.

Production on the series is to begin this month, but no word yet on a release date. According to Indiewire, Olive Productions and Radical Media are co-producing, and FreeMantle Media holds distribution rights.



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