Stowaway survives flight from California to Hawaii in airplane wheel well

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

A teen stowaway is in good condition after surviving a flight from California to Hawaii. The 16 year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of the airplane and endured temperatures at 38,000 feet.

"Doesn't even remember the flight," FBI spokesman Tom Simon in Honolulu told the Associated Press on Sunday night. "It's amazing he survived that."

Simon believes that the teen lost consciousness as temperatures became as low as minus 80 degrees Farenheit, according to Reuters.

The teen is from San Clara, Calif. He ran away from his home, entered the airport grounds, and hopped into the wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45. He remained in the wheel well for more than five hours.

When the plane landed in Maui, the teen was found wandering around the ramp of the Hawaiian airport. Airport security immediately took action.

The teen was medically screened, and reports say that he is unharmed. He was released to child protective services, and is not charged with a crime.

Homeland Security is looking into how the teen was able to sneak into an airfield. The airport police are working with the FBI and Transportation Security Agency to review security.

In August, a boy from Nigeria survived a 35-minute trip after stowing away in a wheel well. In 2010, a 16-year-old died after stowing away in a wheel well aboard a flight to Boston.



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