SWAT team called in for revenge plot against gamer

By Michelle Kapusta,

A teen in New York actually had a SWAT team called to his house after he beat a fellow gamer in Call of Duty.

CBS 2 reported that a teenager phoned emergency personnel and said that his rival killed his brother and mother.

Due to the serious allegation, over 70 emergency responders arrived at his 17-year-old opponent’s home only that the call was a hoax. The victim of the prank was playing video games when they arrived.

Authorities believe that the person who called police was participating in a “Swatting” game. The new trend generates fake emergency calls from those who have been defeated in online games.

Police said that the new game is dangerous and waste the department’s time and resources.

The New York Daily News noted that the caller in this particular case placed the call via the Internet, which makes it difficult to track where the call came from.

An investigation is underway. If caught, the caller could face criminal charges.



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