Teacher fired after 'ordering a hit' on a 7th grade student

By Morgan Cox,

A Florida teacher has been fired from her job after ordering six of her students to beat up a fellow classmate back in the spring of 2013.

According to Daily Mail, Dru Dehart was accused of encouraging students to attack the 7th grade boy, Radravious Williams, after an incident took place where he told Ms. Dehart that he "wished he could curse out teachers someday."

Footage shows Dehart pointing to the 7th grader, and instructing the other boys to go after him. The surveillance camera caught tape of Williams being beaten in the hallway floor by the group of older boys ranging from ages 11 to 15.

Williams said he was friends with some of the boys that attacked him.

"I looked at them and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’" Williams told WPTV.

Williams' mother is upset, but restated what happened to her son.

"He say they brought him in the hallway, held him down, and he said they kicked him, stomped him, and beat him. As he was trying to get away, he said they continued torturing him," his mother Latasha Darrisaw said.

Darrisaw added that Dehart said to Williams, "I got my eighth grade boys on you. You're not so tough now."

Williams admits he was disrespectful to the teacher, however, Dehart claims he threatened her, which he denied. Fellow classmates who were witnesses confirmed Williams' denial.

Yahoo! News reported that Dehart tried to convince students to tell a certain story about what happened when questioned about the incident.

An investigative report stated that Dehart "tracked down the students during lunch and contaminated their memories."

Authorities later arrested the six students who attacked Williams.

"It is truly unbelievable what happened. A teacher ordered a hit on a child," said Williams' attorney, Dena Sisk Forman.

Dehart was unable to be immediately fired because she requested a special hearing after the incident took place. However, the school did suspend her without pay until the investigation was complete. According to Yahoo! News, after the investigation was finalized, it took only minutes to unanimously fire the teacher.

The family plans to file a civil rights lawsuit and are still waiting on an apology from Dehart.

“As a person, as any parent, you want some kind of apology. But I guess we’ll get that whenever she’s ready," said Darrisaw.



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