Teen who got McDonald’s receipt tattoo gets another receipt tattoo

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Norwegian teenager who actually got a McDonald’s receipt tattoo on his arm just got another receipt tatted on the other arm.

According to the Daily Mail, Stian Ytterdahl's newest tattoo is the bill for his first inking of the fast food receipt.

The New York Daily News noted that the teen apparently got the first strange tattoo at the urging of his friends, because they were jealous of how well he did with the ladies. They gave him a choice between a Barbie on his backside or a receipt on his arm.

Ytterdahl showed off his new body art Wednesday on his Facebook page.

Commenters are now asking if he will get the receipt for the fresh ink tattooed on his leg and guess what the follow-up questions after that will be? If the teen continues that trend he’ll run out of limbs for all the ink.

Someone needs to remind him that tattoos are permanent.



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