Terry Richardson denies new sex allegations, Vogue US refuses to work with him again

By Daniel S Levine,

Photographer Terry Richardson is at the center of sex allegations again, after model Emma J. Appleton posted a screenshot of an alleged text from Richardson. In it, he says he will get her a Vogue photoshoot if they have sex. Richardson’s rep has denied the allegations, but Vogue U.S. still says it will never work with him again.

On Sunday, Appleton tweeted an image of a text from her iPhone that reads, “If i can f**k you i will book you in ny for a.shot for Vogue.” According to the image, it came from Richardson and she added the caption, “um what.”

A spokeswoman for Richardson told BuzzFeed that the image was fake. “This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text,” the rep said.

Later, Appleton deleted her tweet. “Beginning to wish I hadn't posted that...it doesn't matter who you are or the what the industry is, just be a decent human being,” she wrote. “The fact people think this is acceptable blows my f***ing mind. See ya.” Appleton has now deleted her Twitter account completely.

This is not the first time that Richardson has faced accusations like this and some models refuse to work with him. In March, former model Charlotte Walters described a graphic incident to Vocativ.

In a statement to TheWrap, Vogue U.S. communications director Hildy Kuryk said that they will not work with Richardson again. The magazine hasn’t published a Richardson photoshoot since 2010, although Vogue Paris featured his photos in February.

Richardson has become one of the most well-known fashion photographers and music video directors, having worked with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga recently.



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