Texas man repeatedly stabs child in the neck

By Victoria Greene,

A heavily tattooed man in Texas has been arrested for stabbing a toddler.

According to Click2Houston, on April 22, a 3-year-old toddler was playing in the courtyard of his apartment complex in Houston with other children when Jose Guillermo Molina, 21, approached the boy with a knife and stabbed him in the neck.

When the child’s mother heard his screams, she ran to him and begged Molina to let him go, but Molina ignored her cries and continued to stab the boy.

"He grabbed the little boy by his hair, pulled the neck back, stabbed him in the neck three times. After he stabbed him, he put the little boy on the ground and he put his knee on the little boy's chest and he was trying to choke him," neighbor Lydia Hernandez said.

According to The New York Daily News, when Molina was finished stabbing the boy, he calmly rose and walked across the street where he was arrested by police.

The toddler was taken to the hospital and miraculously survived his attack. He released the next day sporting a large bandage around his neck.

Authorities are still trying to determine a motive for Molina’s attack, but believe it may have been random. However, it was stated that Molina lived close to the victim.

This is not the first time Molina has been involved with the law. He was previously arrested for attacking his own mother.

Molina has been charged with injury to a child and is being held without bond.



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