Thief steals expensive electric bike, accidentally calls owner for charger

By Morgan Cox,

A thief who stole an expensive electric bike, worth £2,500 ($4,200.25) accidentally called the owner for instructions on how to recharge it.

The owner, Ben Jaconelli, just opened a shop in East London, England, called Fully Charged where he sells electric bikes. According to Yahoo! News, it was when he locked the electric cycle up for about 20 minutes, that he returned to it being stolen.

Jaconelli was certain he would never see his bike again. Luckily, he was able to recover it when the thief placed a phone call to him needing a charger for the Go Cycle, which he sold.

When Jaconelli received the call, he knew that it had to be the thief. He used the Internet to track down the caller, and planned a visit to his residence along with three of his friends.

"I took down as many details for him as possible and then set about tracking him down," Jaconelli said.

The DailyMail reported that the thief was not home at the time, but his mother was there. She called her son and questioned him as to why he wanted an electric bike charger.

Metro writes that the thief called the owner a minute later and asked why Jaconelli was at his house.

"You stole my bike," Jaconelli said.

According to the DailyMail, the thief hung up and the bike arrived at the warehouse in a taxi only 20 minutes later.

The police are investigating the incident and Jaconelli noted that he has warned other dealers of the thief in the area. No arrests have been made at the time.



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