Those involved in 'The Walking Dead' series reveal season 5 spoilers

By Amanda Levine,

Although the season 4 finale of the hit show The Walking Dead already aired a few weeks ago, people involved with the show are already giving away huge hints for season 5 coming in October.

One actor specifically from the show, Danai Gurira, who plays sword wielding Michonne, has revealed that season 5 will begin with the characters in dire circumstances. For those who have seen the last episode of season 4, viewers last saw the survivors trapped in a train car in the ominous place known as Terminus.

Gurira told Access Hollywood that viewers should be worried for the group when season 5 premieres.

“You should be concerned. It’s a dire circumstance, definitely,” said Gurira. “These people are not very nice. We’re not checked into the Four Seasons in there, so yeah, it’s a pretty scary thing.”

Executive producer of the show, Robert Kirkman, also revealed some very vital information about the development of characters Rick and Michonne in season 5, in an interview with TV Guide.

“These are two characters that, at the beginning of the season, felt somewhat alone. That caused a bond between them to form. They both have a very unique relationship with Carl that has also brought them closer. This relationship could obviously go in some interesting directions moving forward,” said Kirkman.

As the premiere for season 5 gets closer, there are sure to be many more hints that are revealed in order to get audiences hyped up for the new season.



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