Threatening note found on Detroit to Denver Delta flight

By Kyle Johnson,

A flight attendant discovered a threatening note on a Delta flight from Detroit to Denver and after the plane safely landed, it was moved to a remote area.

According to KUSA, Delta Flight 1500 was moved to a remote area of the Denver International Airport due to a safety concern, which was not elaborated on.

Denver News 7 reports that the threatening note was actually a bomb threat, which was discovered in the rear galley of the plane.

Flight 1500 had 151 passengers and four crew members who were all taken to a safe location after being removed from the flight. One passenger, Tony Sevy, took to Twitter to say that passengers were not allowed to remove their things from the plane.

DIA spokeswoman Julie Smith would not admit if the threat was about a bomb, only that the plane had a "possible security threat." Police radio reports said that they were going to use K-9 units to examine the plane as they searched for the threat.

image via Twitter from Tone Sevy



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