Three women arrested for twerking, lewd behavior in Oregon

By Michelle Kapusta,

Three woman twerked their way into getting arrested after urinating on the ground and exposing their genitals outside city hall in Beaverton, Oregon.

According to KATU, Coura Valazquez, 20, went to the municipal building on Monday with her two friends, Brittany Medak, 20, and Leokham Yothsombath, 22, to pay a fine she owed. After exiting the building, the woman started twerking in front of the windows.

Authorities said that the woman then exposed themselves to people and Medak lifted her skirt and urinated between two parked cars, while Leokham filmed her.

The New York Daily News noted that court employees called police to report the raunchy dance party they witnessed.

The trio left the scene is Medak’s car, but Beaverton police caught up with them a few blocks away.

Officers found drug paraphernalia when they searched the vehicle.

All three of the women were taken to the Washington County Jail and booked for disorderly conduct, possession and several other drug-related charges.



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