Top 10 American foods

By Holly R. Bogardus,

As we’ve all learned from middle school social studies, America is a melting pot. We can see that in many ways, but most notably we can see it in our food. People from all over the world have immigrated to live in the United States, and they’ve brought the cuisine of their homelands with them. Some foods are easily identified; pasta is an Italian dish, for example. Others are more complicated.

While we may not know each food's origin, there are some that are so “American” that we’ve decided to give them a shout out. Not only that, but if you’re visiting the United States and wondered what foods to try, look no further! If you want to eat like an American, we say sit down with some meatloaf and tater tots.

American cuisine can easily be described as comfort food. Really, in comparison to other countries, we have very unhealthy and highly unstable diets. However, we’ve thrown in a few helpful notes about how Europeans eat in comparison for your consideration.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite and most American foods. If you haven’t tried any, we highly recommend you do. Have a good recipe for an item on the list, or did your region's favorite food not make the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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