Top 10 Batman characters

By Amanda Levine,

This year, one of the most iconic characters of all time is celebrating his 75th birthday. The caped crusader, Batman, will be celebrating his big birthday and Warner Bros. and DC Comics have partnered up to make sure that the superhero is highly honored for his decades of justice and entertainment.

The birthday celebration will be taking place all year and many different special events will be put on to celebrate the influential and iconic character. For example, there will be an art exhibit at this year’s Comic-Con to showcase different artistic designs of Batman’s cape and cowl. The new show Gotham will also be produced by Fox, which will be the early years of Gotham and the characters that will eventually become the villains of Batman. Comic book stores all over the nation will be selling special edition comics and hosting Batman parties. Also, a website honoring the hero’s 75th anniversary will be up online called Batman75.com

In honor of Batman’s birthday this year, here is a top ten list of some of the best Batman characters throughout the years.

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