Top 10 Craig Ferguson ‘Late, Late Show’ Moments

By Andrew Wilson,

Starting in January 2005, Craig Ferguson became the host of The Late Late Show in the 12:30am time slot taking over for Craig Kilborn. The ever-witty Scot started his show as many others, reading some jokes from cue cards, with some ad-libbed material in between. Realizing the ad-libbed portion was getting more laughs, he set himself apart from the rest of the group and opened each show with a fairly unrehearsed opening, and the rest, as they say, is history. With a decade-long span, Ferguson recently announced he is stepping down as host, and borrowing the term from the Martin/Paltrow breakup, calling the separation between he and CBS “consciously uncoupling." His last day as host will be in December of this year.

With so many memories and characters, we take a look at Ferguson’s Top 10 moments on the program, and with so many to choose from we chose to capture a wide variety and mix, with monologues, guests, and, of course, puppets and robots.



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