Top 10 Easter brunch recipes

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

You might think that brunch is simply a word that combines breakfast and lunch into one, but brunch is much more than that. Breakfast is for bowls of stale sugary cereal or overcooked fried eggs. Lunch is for sandwiches where the mustard juice has already soaked through the bread, making it all soggy.

But brunch is a meal where you have breakfast foods you hardly knew existed, wonderful concoctions of sweet and savory dishes that you gorge yourself on, because, hey, it's two meals, right?

Simply put, brunch is a special occasion, and for millions of people, you can't find a more special occasion than Easter. After all, the Easter bunny only comes one day a year--that's why they call it the EASTER bunny, if you didn't know. While Christmas has the figgy pudding or the roast duck, Easter has brunch to relax from all that egg-hunting and fry up something delicious.

With this in mind, we've scoured the internet high and low to find the tastiest and most original brunch recipes we could find to make Easter a treat for all the senses. You don't want Peeps and chocolate bunnies to be the only things your kids eat, right?



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