Top 10 Easter Candies for 2014

By Elise Gabriele,

Easter falls on April 20 this year. Every drug and grocery store is already preparing holiday aisles, stocking them with pastel assortments of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and chick-shaped peeps to suit every customer's taste buds.

As children, some of us woke up Easter Sunday to a wicker basket full of fake grass, maybe a DVD or a toy, but most abundantly filled with an array of our favorite chocolates and fruit candies.

For this year's spring holiday, there are more choices than ever on what goodies to fill your family members' baskets with. Brands like Jolly Rancher, Starburst, Swedish Fish and Lifesaver are adding new twists to the holiday favorite, the jelly bean. Others like Hershey's, Lindt and Cadbury are creating their own variations of the centerpiece of all Easter baskets: the chocolate bunny.

Traditional favorites that are still sold like Jelly Belly jellybeans allow for a nostalgic taste that can only make the holiday feel complete. Meanwhile, new and daring twists on these Easter staples add variety to old favorites and make for new memories with new additions to the family.

Yet, with so many options, it may be overwhelming to decide which sugary treats are worth the holiday indulgence and which can be skipped (perhaps until the holiday clearance). Not to worry! Here are what TheCelebrityCafe.com believes are the top 10 Easter candies for 2014. Go ahead and try them all - we won't tell.



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