Top 10 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' memorable guests

By Lauren Wheeler,

On Monday, Craig Ferguson announced that he was going to leave The Late Late Show in December 2014. Since becoming the host of the show in 2005, Craig has had many memorable guests and shows. From holding a show in Paris to having one dedicated to African-American history, there is never a dull moment on his late night show.

In his time on TLLS, Ferguson has been nominated for an Emmy and has won a Peabody Award. He brought the show to the highest ratings in its history. His announcement of leaving follows the retirement of David Letterman on The Late Show. Steven Colbert will take Letterman’s place next year.

TLLS has many recurring gags and characters. There is Kronos, the bellhop uniform wearing monkey and Brian, a shark who sings. The most popular characters are Geoff, a robotic skeleton with a sarcastic attitude, and Secretariat, a dancing, life-size puppet horse.

Each show has the same format. There is a cold open, theme song, monologue, celebrity guest interview then a recap of the entire episode by a kitten. There have been a few shows that have not followed that format due to national events or special guests.

While there have been many special TLLS guests, these 10 are the most memorable. Here are the top 10 memorable guests.

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