Top 10 Lesser known roles of Bob Hoskins

By Kyle Lubelski,

On Tuesday, veteran film actor Bob Hoskins passed away at age 71 from pneumonia.

For those who are unfamiliar, Bob Hoskins is most famous for his role as detective Eddie Valiant from the 1988 classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. However, would it surprise readers to know that the native Englishman also starred in iconic roles like Captain Hook’s assistant Smee in Hook? Or that he played Odin way before the Thor movies were even a thing in Son of the Mask?

Born in 1942, Hoskins stumbled into acting on accident but proved to be a natural. He earned his first leading role in the 1980 gangster flick The Long Good Friday. In 1986, He won multiple awards for his part in the critically acclaimed neo-noir film Mona Lisa. These successes led to his most memorable role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the second highest grossing film of 1988.

Afterwards, Hoskins performed in multiple films throughout the 1990s and 2000s up until his retirement in 2012. To honor his memory, the following list focuses on the lesser known roles of the late Bob Hoskins that is sure to bring back some nostalgic movie memories.



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