Top 10 Lindsay Lohan movies

By Francisco Flores,

On Sunday, OWN aired the season finale of Lindsay. The docu-series follows actress Lindsay Lohan as she struggles to find a steady home in New York and a stable job in an industry that has its doubts about her. Though the show is unlikely to shoot a second season, it became highly successful and let viewers see a different side of Lohan. She did not let the camera crew film many events during the show and in the season finale, she revealed why.

New York Daily News has the clip of the show in which Lohan explains that she had a miscarriage during filming of Lindsay and that’s why cameras were not allowed to film for about two weeks. The news came as a huge shock not only to viewers, but to the camera crew as well since no one knew about it. Though the clip is extremely sad, the show ended on a high note as Lohan looked positive about the future and her upcoming projects. Take a look at 10 of Lindsay Lohan’s best roles in movies. Comment below with your favorite!

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