Top 10 'Mean Girls' quotes

By Patricia Streeter,
Daniel Franzese is Out!

Guess who came out this week? Daniel Franzese did. Ten years after his role as Damian in Mean Girls, Franzese is ready to let the world know he is out and happy about it. Since Mean Girls, Daniel has starred in several short television series and movies, as well as cameos in shows. Though he has stayed busy since Mean Girls debuted, he is still most known for his role as Damian.

Mean Girls would not be the cult movie it is without Damian. Damian had many memorable quotes and added much-needed comedic relief to serious situations. He is not the only character who had great monologues and one liners. To celebrate his coming out, I’ve gathered the most quoted lines and scenes. After reading this, you will probably search your DVD collection for Mean Girls. If you don’t have a physical or digital copy, you should get one. Mean Girls is a great movie. It came out in 2004, and people still quote it today.

What's your favorite Mean Girls line?



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