Top 10 Moments from Grey's Anatomy episode 'I'm Winning'

By Joy Perrone,

Another week, another great Grey’s Anatomy episode chock-full of top moments. “I’m Winning” had the surgeons dealing with the announcement of Cristina Yang’s Harper Avery nomination and all the stress and excitement that comes with it. All of a sudden, Cristina’s name pulls strings – she can get the FDA to change a policy, she can convince a research group to hand over their data, she can do just about anything. The downside of her nomination is how the rest of the staff reacts. They’re excited for her, sure, but they’re also crazy jealous and feeling very competitive, even if they’re Cristina’s best friend. We suspect the awards ceremony won’t take place until the season finale, leaving five more episodes for emotions to come to a boil inside Sloan Grey Memorial.

That also means there are five more episodes for everything to fall apart for the surgeons -- we just can't help but think that everyone is a little too happy right now.

We present to you our top 10 moments from “I’m Winning." Be sure to check out our Grey’s Anatomy coverage, including recaps and other top 10 lists as well!

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