Top 10 moments from 'Grey's Anatomy' episode 'You Be Illin'

By Joy Perrone,

Grey’s Anatomy brought the drama with the fire of a thousand viral infections in last week’s episode “You Be Illin’." Sloan Grey Memorial was overrun with patients suffering from a flu-like sickness that spread to the staff of the hospital, forcing everyone to function with far fewer doctors than they’re used to.

The episode raised new questions about the future of everyone’s favorite doctors. As the 10th season of Grey’s draws to a close, careers hang in the balance. Who will return for the next season, and who will move to other hospitals? We got a hint about Alex Karev’s possible move as he considered leaving the busy hospital life for a private practice.

Fans already know that Cristina Yang, Leah Murphy and Shane Ross will not be back for the next season, but it’s still up in the air as to how they will depart. Hopefully with as few deaths as possible!

We present to you our top 10 moments from “You Be Illin’." Be sure to check out our Grey’s Anatomy coverage, including recaps and other top 10 lists, here!

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