Top 10 TED talks for women

By Rachel Rivera,

When J.J. Abrams asked someone for advice on what to say during his TED talk, he was told to “just say something profound.” If you’ve watched a TED talk, you know that generally, that’s what all of them are: profound pieces of advice and/or anecdotes that are meant to inspire a group of people.

The best thing about TED talks is the variety of topics. From video games to domestic violence, there is not a subject left unturned in the thousands of videos archived in the TED database. Even better? TED has hosted numerous special events across the country not only focused on female empowerment, but also headlined by powerful, successful and inspiring women.

The following is a list of only 10 videos that every woman, young or old, should see. From the way women are represented in the media to the way we perceive ourselves, these 10 TED talks are sure to empower, inspire, and encourage you to become your own success story.



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