Tori Spelling's reality show 'True Tori' premieres with painful truths

By Elizabeth Learned,

The premiere of Tori Spelling’s Lifetime series True Tori centered on a painful counseling session, where she confronted her husband, Dean McDermott, over his cheating. It had previously been reported that McDermott had gone into rehab after cheating on his wife of seven years with a woman named Emily Goodhand in Toronto.

According to Us Weekly, when Spelling confronted her husband over his cheating, his “right eyebrow began shaking up and down,” which she had never seen him do before.

McDermott checked into rehab in December, leaving Spelling and their young children, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn alone.

E! News reported that during the therapy session, the therapist mentioned the issues McDermott was dealing with, which included “addiction, depression, and ‘the fallout from his affair.’”

McDermott reportedly expressed his regret over hurting his wife, and he wanted to change himself otherwise “we’re not going to make it.” He even wanted his wife to slap him, which she rebuffed. She also refused his attempt to comfort her.

Us Weekly also reported that Spelling said that while she loved McDermott, she knew “this might not have a happy ending.”

Hopefully the therapy sessions will help the couple through this traumatic time.



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