Tornado hits Arkansas and Oklahoma, 17 reported dead

By Marcina Zaccaria,

A tornado devastated towns in Arkansas and Oklahoma. As of this morning, 17 people are reported dead.

Residents in Mayflower, Arkansas ran to their storm cellars after hearing falling debris caused by the tornado. Cars were overturned and houses were destroyed this weekend in the town of Vilonia, Arkansas, according to Reuters.

Karla Ault, a Vilonia High School volleyball coach, told the Associated Press, "I'm just kind of numb. It's just shock that you lost everything. You don't understand everything you have until you realize that all I've got now is just what I have on."

Emergency workers in Little Rock are going door-to-door checking for victims, and doing their best to cope with the debris and the “mass casualty situation.”

The storm rating was not immediately available, but it could be considered one of the deadliest tornadoes to strike the region. In North Little Rock, the National Weather Service was certain that the storm that hit Vilonia and the nearby Mayflower would be rated as the nation’s strongest tornado to date. The agency warned that the storms are expected to continue Monday in the South and Mississippi Valley.



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