Toronto Mayor Rob Ford taking break to address substance abuse problems

By Kyle Johnson,

The Toronto mayor is reportedly going to take a break and seek help for personal issues, including for substance abuse problems.

Rob Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris spoke with The Globe and Mail the mayor would be taking a short break to get help for "substance abuse problems."

Morris, who is also the mayor's longtime family friend, said, "He said he feels it's time that he takes a break and addresses the substance abuse problems he has, and he didn't tell me what he has."

Speaking with CTV News, Morris explained he wasn't sure the exact plan Ford has to deal with his problems, only that he will be entering into a "facility that assists people with substance abuse difficulties."

Back in November, the embattled mayor admitted to smoking crack cocaine after police said they had video evidence of him and rumors had been swirling for awhile. At the time, however, he claimed not to be an addict, but rather called what he did a mistake.



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