‘Transcendence’ Chinese opening weekend beats domestic box office

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The new Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller Transcendence did not impress at the United States box office. The film, in fact, had a better opening overseas in China, making $11.4 million compared to the $11.2 million the film made in the United States.

Variety reported that the film only made $17.4 million from 27 overseas markets.

It is extremely rare that a wide released film performs better overseas than in the United States. Part of the reason why China might have made more money at the box office was that Alcon, which produced and financed the movie for an estimated $100 million, released a 3D version of the film which could only be seen by Chinese audiences.

IMAX showings also helped to make revenue for Transcendence; the film was screened in 180 locations, which results in 6,000 screens.

The Hollywood Reporter added that this is the third film of Depp's that performed in an underwhelming fashion. The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows also performed poorly at the box office.

Up next for Chinese screens include Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which will be released on May 4.



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