'Twisted' Recap: 'A Tale of Two Confessions'

By Lauren Wheeler,
The finale is finally here!

On the spring finale episode of Twisted, we learned more about Charlie, Jack revealed big details about Vikram’s case and Charlie kidnapped Jo.

Alright, I have absolutely hated Twisted this season. Therefore I wasn’t surprised when they had so much stuff crammed into one hour. There was unneeded Jack/Whitney drama. There was overdramatic Charlie issues. But, it was the season finale (and possibly the series finale) and they needed to do a Hail Mary in order to save their remaining slightly-interested viewers.

image via Twitter from Twisted

Charlie does shirtless push-ups when my favorite character, Bad Cop Kyle, shows up at his home. Luckily Kyle doesn’t notice that Charlie was doing the push-ups while staring at Jo. Kyle takes Charlie to the scene of the murder.

All of the characters, at this point, are blaming Charlie. Jo says that Charlie has everything to do with it. Lacey believes her friends and says Charlie is bad. He tries to manipulate Kyle by saying that Jo was there but he doesn’t buy it. No one is on team Charlie.

And, as every single horror movie has taught us, if you alienate the unstable guy, he will obviously escalate. I was expecting Charlie to murder someone. And, if he murdered Danny, I was sure that he would go down as grumpy as ever. But, while looking beautiful with luscious hair.

There is adult drama between Kyle and Tess. When they find out that Jo is involved, Bad Cop Kyle turns into Good Cop Kyle and Tess turns into irrational mother of the year. Kyle says that he has a job to do and it doesn’t matter if Jo is his daughter. Tess basically wants to give Jo a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card.

I can appreciate both sides of the parenting. But, I’m going to have to go with Kyle’s side. He started out the season being a really, really bad cop but since this season has started, he has changed his ways and become a great character.

So, Danny goes to jail. Then isn’t in jail. Kyle tells Danny to lay low, stay away from Jo and hide his ankle monitor. Jo doesn’t go to jail. So, I guess that get out of jail free card actually works.

Jo comes clean to Rico. She tells him everything. Which, by the way, where has Rico been all of this time. I know he is in a relationship with someone else but, come on, did he fall off the side of the earth with her? As Jo is telling him everything, Rico is late to dinner with his girlfriend’s parents. And Rico is gone before we even realize that he was there.

Speaking of characters with not enough screen time, Lacey hits a bump in the road in her friendship with Whitney. Whitney’s mother comes back to take her back to NYC when Whitney finally tells Lacey that her mother’s boyfriend came onto her.

Lacey, like the smartest person on the show, says that she can’t trust Whitney. She says that Whitney lied to her and she doesn’t want another lying friend. Rico overhears Lacey talking to Whitney and comforts her. Did I mention that Rico isn’t on the show enough?

As multiple TCC readers commented in my opinion piece about Twisted needing to be cancelled, the main reason that viewers loved Twisted was the friendship between Jo, Lacey and Danny. However, the writers have completely thrown that out the window for some stupid love triangle. Danny and Lacey had a good thing going until the writers decided that they needed to listen to the fans and make Danny suddenly fall for Jo in one episode. But that is neither here nor there. Let’s just pretend that they didn’t rush this stupid romance on us.

Danny sneaks into Jo’s window and tells her that he loves her and that it ahs always been her. Poor Lacey, am I right? Danny dated her for like 4 episodes and all of the sudden that relationship is garbage? Roll. My. Eyes.

Oh yeah, and Charlie watches Jo from her window now. Jo, like an idiot, continues to be a jerk to Charlie. She tells him to go away and treats him like the creep that he is. But, it backfires on her, Charlie kidnaps her.

Karen’s storyline was so interesting this episode that I saved it for near the end. When Jack was released from jail, he told Karen that he did move the body but that he didn’t know about the $10 million. And, Karen, angry at Vikram, smashes his desk with a sledge hammer to get paperwork out.

But, the race to find Charlie was underway. And Charlie, like the true horror movie villain that he is, is telling Jo everything. He is Danny’s cousin, Aunt Tara’s son. He went to juvenile detention on purpose so he could get close to Danny. But, when he found out that it was Vikram that killed his mother, he got really mad. He said that while he was Danny’s roommate he was jealous of his life and decided to move to Green Grove even though he was told not to.

Danny and Lacey arrive first to save Jo but Charlie is having none of that. Then Kyle arrives and says that he won’t shoot Charlie because he doesn’t want to hurt Jo.

And it a really, really stupid side plot, we see a scene with Whitney and her father. Turns out that they are trying to get into Karen and Danny’s life. They are plotting. Jack says that he is good with Karen. Whitney says that she needs to continue to get Lacey’s trust back. Whitney asks about Charlie and Jack says that he went rogue.

OK, everybody stop right now. Whitney, Jack and Charlie were all in on an evil plan together. What the heck? As someone who has been very patient with Twisted, I had to walk away. Obviously, I came back to finish because, well, I had to write this and I wanted to see if the Twisted writers had any other stupid twists up their sleeve. They didn’t disappoint.

The last to show up to try to save Jo was Tess. Of course it’s Tess, she gets all of the good cliffhangers. She tells everyone that Charlie is her real son. Yep, Twisted had their very own Star Wars like romance. Brother and sister kissing.

Let’s ignore the fact that Tess said that she had a daughter. Let’s ignore the fact that it doesn’t fit the timeline. Let’s just throw all of the facts out the window. This is Twisted, where anything can happen.

Let’s review the cliffhangers. Whitney and Jack are the bad guys who might be working with Charlie. Will Jo and Danny be together forever? And what will happen after it was revealed that Tess is Charlie’s birth mother?

What did you think of the finale? Are you loving it more or do you want it to just end? Comment below and let me know.



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