Two in custody for firing off air soft pistol on San Diego naval base

By Kyle Johnson,

Reports of a gun on a San Diego area based set off a shelter-in-place order, but it was later determined to just be an air soft gun.

When the alert first went off, officials said no shots had been fired or reports of any injuries at the Naval Base Point Loma, reports Reuters. Security forces were investigating the matter, with Navy spokesman Lieutenant Benjamin Addison saying that two suspects had been picked up.

However, NBC San Diego reports that the gun turned out to be air soft, which "a young, enlisted sailor" was playing with, according to Commanding Officer Scott Adams.

"He was actually firing shots of the air pistol out of the window toward a mirror in the parking lot."

The shooter and his friend realized that NCIS had been called because of what they had been doing and they contacted their commanding officer to get everything sorted out.

Adams said that while weapons aren't permitted on the naval base, he wasn't sure if the air soft pistol counted or not. "We are dealing with young sailors and we inform them what is and is not appropriate but at some times, these things happen."



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