Two men sentenced to death for killing two girls with rat poison

By Rebecca Walezak,

Two men were sentenced to death on Saturday in a poisoning case that killed two young girls in China.

The Chinese kindergarten's headmaster, and one other man who acted as an accomplice, were sentenced to death after being found guilty of poisoning two sisters with yogurt in Pingshan County in April 2013.

China Daily reports that out of jealousy towards another local school's attendance rates, the headmaster reportedly placed rat poison in the girls' yogurt from the opposing school and asked an accomplice to hand it out on the road.

The yogurt was found next to a pad of paper and pencil. The girls died shortly after ingesting it.

According to the Associated Press, it is currently unknown if the two will appeal their cases, but China’s supreme court must review all death sentence cases before they are pushed through.

Child abuse incidents have been reportedly frequent in China, and many schools are issuing drugs for the students in an attempt to boost their attendance.



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