Pakistani man arrested for suspected cannibalism, police searching for brother

By Kyle Johnson,

One Pakistani man was arrested on Monday after being suspected of cannibalism, both he and his brother, who police are searching for, had previously been picked up by police for the same thing in the past.

Police investigated the Bhakkar home of Muhammad Arif after neighbors complained about a horrid smell coming from his residence. The Associated Press reports that inside they found the head of a baby boy.

Police said they were currently planning to arrest Arif's older brother for his involvement.

According to The New York Times, Arif had admitted that his older brother dug up the boy's body from a nearby graveyard and they then cooked and ate the body.

The two brothers were previously arrested back in 2011 where they were charged with defiling human bodies as it isn't actually illegal to be a cannibal in the country. They served a year and a half of their sentence. That time they admitted to police they had disinterred five bodies and eaten them.

When they were released from jail last time, townspeople protested their return by burning tires on a highway, hoping to keep them away.

Their cousin told the newspaper Dawn back when they were first arrested they didn't have a good childhood once their mother passed away. They were known to be reclusive and both eventually left their wives.



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