Two people shot outside Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo

By Kyle Johnson,

Police say that two men were shot while near the Smithsonian National Zoo on late Monday.

Both victims are fine as the injuries were non-life threatening, with one being shot in the arm and the other in the hand, according to NBC Washington. No information on a possible suspect has been released yet.

Much still needs to be figured out about the shooting, such as motive. D.C. Police Cmdr. Michael Reese said at a news conference, "We have no indication that there was an argument that precipitated the shooting."

The surprising thing about the shooting is the location, since the zoo was celebrating Easter Monday activities and had a heavy police presence, according to The Washington Post.

A National Zoo spokeswoman said she was not aware of anything that happened in the zoo itself that could have led to the shooting.

When the shots were fired, people did their best to scatter into the park, looking for some cover. A zoo attendee Bri'Ana Jenkins said, "Back in the zoo. That was the safest place to be."

Those inside of the zoo at the time of the shooting were allowed to stay, but the park closed its gates shortly after the area was deemed safe. The nearby Cleveland Park library branch shut down for hours after the shooting instead of re-opening.



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