Two women jump to their deaths from NYC balconies

By Michelle Kapusta,

Two woman in separate Manhattan apartment buildings, fell to their deaths after leaping off their high-rise balconies Wednesday morning.

According to the New York Post, in the first incident, police sources said that Yee-Ping Yang had been drinking when she got into an argument with her mother. The 43-year-old threatened to jump off the balcony if her mother left. When the woman did leave, Yang leapt from ninth-floor balcony of the Trump Palace and plunged to her death.

The New York Daily News reported that just a few hours later, a 76-year-old woman jumped to her death from the 18th-floor balcony of her apartment building. Police recovered her body in the courtyard below where she landed.

These are the second and third suicides by jumping that occurred in the area over the past two days.

On Monday, a man at Pod 39 Hotel attempted to hang himself with his belt, but when that failed he jumped from the ninth floor of the building.



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