Tyson Foods recalls over 75,000 pounds of chicken nuggets for plastic bits

By Kyle Johnson,

Tyson Foods is recalling 75,320 pounds of chicken nuggets after receiving complaints about something more than chicken being included with their meals.

People were discovering little bits of plastic in their chicken nuggets. According to NBC News, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials said the problem was determined to be the result of pieces of plastic coming off a scraper in a blending machine.

Affected products were 5-lb. bags of Fully Cooked White Meat Chicken Nuggets produced on Jan. 26,2014 or Feb. 16, 2014. The bags either have a best-by date of Jan. 26, 2015 of Feb. 16, 2015. They also have manufacturer codes of 0264SDL0315 through 19 or 0474SDL0311 through 14.

Some 20-lb. bags of Spare Time Fully Cooked Nugget-Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters w/Rib Meat, sold for institutional use in Arkansas and Indiana with best-by dates of Jan. 26, 2014 and Feb. 16, 2014 also were included in the recall.

The company said a "small number of customers" had complained discovering plastic bits in their food, with some even suffering from minor oral injuries, reports CNN.

The affected bags of nuggets were sold in Sam's Club throughout the country.



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