Unbelievable April Fool's 'prank' on California waitress

By Monique Crawford,

Chelsea Roff is a young California waitress who has overcome some serious life-changing situations. On April Fool’s Day this year, yet another life-changing event took place, though perhaps not in the way you’re thinking.

According to ABC News, Roff, who resides in Venice, California, was “pranked” by Break, a group known for recording and uploading their pranks. Roff was nominated by her boss, Chris Patterson, for Break’s “Prank it FWD” campaign.

The prank comes in four parts. First, actors are hired to eat at the restaurant Roff works at. They all enter the restaurant and Roff is assigned their tables. At first, nothing seems amiss, and then Roff takes the first ticket from the first actor, who leaves her a surprising tip. Then, Roff goes to collect the next tab from the next couple of actors, who apologize for not having enough money to leave a tip, but the couple, who claim they are travel agents, leave her a wonderful gift in place of a tip. Her next customer is a clinical psychologist, who, after a brief conversation with Roff, offers her the gift of a lifetime, and finally, her fourth customer gives her a two-part surprise that is waiting for her outside. Watch the video below to see the elaborate prank played out, and the seemingly dubious tips Chelsea receives from these pranksters. But be warned: you may need tissues!

Sharedots reveals that Roff has raised her sister alone and suffered from an eating disorder, at one point weighing only 58 pounds, before she got her life together and decided to run a nonprofit yoga clinic to help people who also suffer or have suffered from eating disorders.

For the last part of the prank, Roff was surprised by Diana Roehl, a friend who helped her through her eating disorder. “When Diana popped out, that’s how it just hit me that it was real,” Roff said. “I cried. I was so, so happy.”

Check out Roff’s yoga clinic here.

Image via Facebook from Chelsea Roff



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