Utah woman dies from mixture of freezing temperatures and alcohol

By Victoria Greene,

The death of a Utah woman who died earlier this week has been attributed to a combination of hypothermia and alcohol.

According to KSTU, Hadley Boberg, 20, was reported missing by her parents Wednesday night. She was found early Thursday morning in Provo Canyon.

According to the Daily Mail, the night before she was found, Boberg and a male friend had hiked the Canyon, and while out, they lost the keys to Boberg’s Jeep. The pair searched the surrounding area, but never found the keys as the temperature continued to drop.

While searching for the keys, Boberg lost consciousness.

The next day, authorities found her 21-year-old companion wandering through the area. Due to spending the night out in the cold, he was disoriented; however, authorities deemed his behavior suspicious and categorized Boberg’s death as suspicious.

When her autopsy revealed her elevated blood alcohol level and recognized the low temperatures, Boberg’s death was ruled accidental. Her friend was admitted to the hospital and treated for frostbite.



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