Vanessa Hudgens gets in shape for Coachella by flying high

By Alesandria Posada,

With Coachella coming up, Vanessa Hudgens is getting in shape by flying high in the air.

According to E! News, the Spring Breakers star posted a video of her latest workout on Instagram, which features her at the aerial gym.

Video via Instagram from Vanessa Hudgens

"You spin me right round baby right round," she captioned the clip as she did some difficult-looking spins in the silk ropes, also known as a hammock.

Hudgens also posted a picture of her doing the splits in the air with the caption: “Tadaaa."

image via Instagram from Vanessa Hudgens

The brunette beauty is a big yoga fan and is often spotted going to and from the gym with yoga mat in hand.

Hudgens is most likely getting in shape for her trip to Coachella, which kicks off this Friday, as she has been spotted there in recent years wearing boho-chic clothes.

“That is my main event of the year, I love it!” the 25-year-old told Chelsea Handler, as reported by Daily Mail.

While Hudgens is getting ready for her favorite event, it is rumored that McDonald’s is paying the former High School Musical sweetheart $15,000 to attend the event. It has not been confirmed or denied whether this is true.

Despite rumors, we are still looking forward to seeing what the actress will be sporting at the musical festival.



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