Virgin Australia flight deals with a hijacking scare

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

A drunken passenger caused a hijacking scare on a Virgin Australia flight. The inebriated passenger was arrested on Friday, after the plane landed in Bali.

The airport closed for two hours, forcing several flights to be diverted, according to air force base commander Col. Sugiharto Prapto.

"We immediately took appropriate security measures involving troops because the initial information that we got was that the plane was hijacked," Prapto said, according to the Associated Press.

On the plane, crew members seized the passenger. Air force troops approached the plane once it was in Bali and arrested Matt Christopher Lockley, taking the man into custody.

The “flight emergency” occurred when the drunk passenger, 28, banged on the door of the cockpit, according to Reuters. Officials said that passenger was in unstable condition and looked “paranoid.”

The Boeing 737-800 plane was carrying 137 passengers and seven crew members from Brisbane, Australia, to Bali. Virgin Australia Airlines is Australia’s second-largest airline. After all of the commotion, all 137 passengers and crew members remained unharmed.



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