The Voice: Battle round 2 kickoff

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice is introducing another element this season to the popular reality TV show. This round of the battles is different compared to the previous round that vocalists went through.

This is how the second round of battles work: Vocalists from the same team will face off against each other. Each artist will not know who they are facing until it is announced. They have to pick a song as a group and they will face off in the battle ring. This new element also features Chris Martin as a celebrity guest coach for all of the teams.

The first battle was on Team Blake. Audra McLaughlin faced off against Megan Ruger. The ladies decided on singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Usher started out the comments by saying that Ruger was very comfortable when she was singing the large notes and that he would give this battle to McLaughlin. Shakira added that McLaughlin started off shaky but that as an audience member she connected more with McLaughlin. Levine added that in this second round of battles you really see people step up. After all of the comments, the decision came down to Shelton. In the end, McLaughlin advanced to the next round of the competition.

Next up was Team Usher. T. J. Wilkins faced off against Cierra Mickens. They performed “You Can Reach Me” by Anita Baker. Starting off the judges’ comments was Shakira saying that she was incredibly proud of Mickens. Levine added that he really has to think about the battle and said that this is by far the best singing competition. Shelton said that Mickens was greatness and Wilkins was also amazing. After much deliberation, Usher decided to keep Wilkins on his team.

Team Shelton entered into the battle ring next. Jake Worthington went up against Tess Boyer. The country star and pop star decided to sing “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Usher said that it was impressive to see what Shelton had done with Boyer and that he keeps seeing something new with Worthington. Shakira added that Boyer really has a sweet and soulful tone at the same time. The praise continued with Levine saying that it was an A level performance. Shelton decided to advance Worthington.

Before Boyer could even leave the stage, Shakira, Usher and Levine all hit their buttons to steal Boyer. After all three of the coaches debated over why she should join their team, Boyer decided to going with Team Shakira.

The first battle pair for Team Adam was Christina Grimmie going up against Sam Behymer. The girls decided to perform “Counting Stars” by One Republic. Shelton started off the comments by saying that Behymer has a very dramatic tone and is still one to watch. Usher added that it seems like Grimmie is comfortable and she is at home on stage. In the end, Levine decided to advance Grimmie to the playoff rounds.

Shakira took the stage next. She paired Patrick Thomson up against Josh Murley. The rockers took on “Run to You.” Levine said that this was a great battle and both artists really performed the song. Shelton said that he would pick Thomson to win this battle. Shakira was left with a hard decision but went with Thomson to advance to the playoffs.

The final battle of the night went to Team Adam. Delvin Choice went up against Josh Kaufman and the male singers performed a classic “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Shelton added that Choice really owned that performance and that he loved this battle. Usher said that vocally this was the battle of the day. Levine decided to advance Choice to the next round.

Within the first few moments that Kaufman was available to steal, Usher hit his button, making him a member of Team Usher.

The battle rounds will continue tomorrow night on NBC.



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