'The Voice' playoffs conclude with Team Usher

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The playoffs came to an end tonight on The Voice, with the finalists of Team Usher performing for a spot in the live shows.

T.J. Wilkins started off the show by performing “Tell Me Something Good.” Shakira started off the comments by saying that Wilkins was very soulful and it was a very impressive performance that she enjoyed. Levine said that the song was one of his favorites and it is clear that Wilkins really wants to entertain people. Shelton added that he was really impressed by the performance. Usher rounded out the comments by saying that it is always great to see that genre of music be so well represented.

Next up was Melissa Jimenez who chose to put her own unique spin on Beyonce’s “Halo.” Shakira said that Jimenez had tough shoes to fill but it was a great way of laying out everything she had vocally on the show. Levine said that it was very courageous to take on Beyoncé. Usher said that while she is sharing her growth to the world it is the effort that she puts into every performance that matters.

Following Jimenez was Stevie Jo, who chose to perform “The Thrill is Gone” by B.B. King. Shelton kicked off the comments by saying that he knows that Jo is the real deal and he is a fan. Levine said that he has always been a fan of Jo and that it is impressive to see how ambitious he was with his song choice. Usher said that he is a fan of Jo and his growth but also of his courage as a vocalist.

Bria Kelly was the last female on team Usher to perform. Kelly put her own unique vocal spin on a Rolling Stones classic “Wild Horses.” Levine said that he really did wish that he had Kelly on his team and that he is very pleased that she is fully back to her rock self. Shakira added that Kelly has a very unique sound. Shelton added that he has stolen everyone that went up against Kelly in the other rounds. Usher rounded out the comments by saying that this show is a matter of trial and error and that Kelly was able to shine with the song and make it her own.

The only steal for Team Usher was Josh Kaufman, who chose to sing “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. Levine, who used to coach Kaufman, said that he is very happy that he is still in the competition because he deserves to be. Shelton added that Miranda Lambert, who is his wife, is a huge fan of Kaufman and that he is one of the best singers left in the competition. Shakira added that it was an effortless and comfortable performance and that hands down he is one of the best vocalists left in the competition. Usher concluded the playoff rounds by saying that Kaufman did an incredible job.

The decision came down to Usher to pick which of the five vocalists would be moving forward in the competition. In the end, Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman and T.J. Wilkins all advanced to the live shows and with that announcement the top twelve was finalized.

The live shows start on Monday night on NBC. This gives America the chance to vote for which vocalists they think should win the entire competition.



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