The Voice Top 10 perform live

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Blake Shelton tweets out Adam Levine's cell phone number during the show.

The top ten vocalists took the Voice stage to sing for a spot in the top eight but before the singers performed, Rixton started off the show by singing their single “Me and My Broken Heart."

Starting off the night was Kat Perkins, who chose to perform a Fleetwood Mac classic, “Landslide.” Each coach tonight had the opportunity to bring a personal mentor of his or hers to help their team. Levine invited singer-songwriter, Graham Nash to meet and mentor his team. Shelton started off the coaches’ comments by saying that it was refreshing to see Perkins show a more emotional side. Usher added that until the end of time, acoustic sing will always out shine over the top performances and that Perkins’ performance was pleasant and a different side of herself. Shakira said that she could see the inspiration behind the performance. Levine said that music has a way of transcending generations and that he was happy that a whole new generation can learn this song through Perkins.

Following Perkins was Team Shakira’s Tess Boyer who chose to perform “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore. Shakira invited producer and songwriter busbee to help her team. Levine started off the comments by saying that it was clear that Boyer was comfortable with her song choice and the performance. Shelton said that the entire performance was dead on pitch perfect. Shakira said that she was very happy with the performance and that she nailed the song.

Next up was Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake. Scott Hendricks was invited by Shelton to help coach his team this week. McLaughlin took on Reba McEntire classic “You Lie.” Starting off the comments was Usher who added that McLaughlin has an incredible and amazing voice. Shakira added that she will be safe this week and that her voice had so much power. Levine said that this was her best performance by far. Shelton said that he was proud and excited that this performance will make the audience pay attention to her.

Christina Grimmie from Team Adam put her own spin on a Drake classic, “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Shelton said that she had that moment when you go from being a singer to an artist. Usher added that this performance will make Drake proud and that performance earned her a spot in the finals. Shakira added that this was her best performance so far. Levine added that he was very proud of her and that once the crowd started cheering they never stopped.

Jack Worthington representing Team Blake took on a George Strait classic “Run.” Usher said that he was proud of Worthington. Levine added that Worthington’s performance is what country is. Shelton said that it was a solid technical performance and that the reason he is connecting with people is because he represents everyone in between New York and California.

Next up was Team Usher’s Bria Kelly who chose to perform, “I’m With You” which was originally performed by Avril Lavigne. Shakira started off the comments by saying that this song really provided the ability to challenge Kelly and that it showed that she put her heart and soul into it. Levine said that going forward he really wishes that she would return to her roots but he believes that there is more that needs to be seen from Kelly. Shelton said that it was a completely different artist than what fans have come to know from Kelly. Usher added that he didn’t want Kelly to be put in a musical box and that he wants her to keep growing in this competition.

Following Kelly was Delvin Choice performing “Bright Lights.” This was by far one of the most energetic performances of the night and brought the crowd to their feet. Shelton added that Choice keeps taking it to the next level and that there is a reason that he keeps hanging on in this competition. Usher added that this was a step outside of what Choice normally does but he brought the gossip out of the record. Levine said that he really wanted to use the audience with this performance and that it was one of the most electric endings to a song on the show so far.

Kristen Merlin took the stage next to sing, “Let Her Go” originally by Passenger. Levine started off the comments by congratulating Merlin on a job well done and he was thankful that the mic stayed on the entire time. Shelton added that this was one of his favorite performances to date from Merlin. Shakira said that she was beyond proud of Merlin had so many things to say to celebrate Merlin but ran out of time.

Sisaundra Lewis closed out the show representing Team Blake singing “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry. Usher started off the comments by saying that she really gave an incredible performance. Levine added because Lewis blew the roof off the building that The Voice needs a new roof. Shelton added that the performance was unbelievable and that Lewis makes him look like such a smart coach.

The top eight will be announced tomorrow night during the result show.



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