'The Voice' top 12 perform live

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice is ready for their top 12 vocalists to take the stage. The blind auditions have been completed, the battle rounds are over and the playoffs have allowed 12 vocalists in total representing all four teams in the live shows.

Starting off the night was Bria Kelly, representing Team Usher. Kelly decided to put her own twist on Adele’s classic “Rolling in the Deep.” Starting off the coaches’ comments was Shakira who said that it was a challenge to take on an Adele song but that Kelly pulled it off. Levine said that the key was harder for Kelly because it was a lower key and he appreciates that Kelly tried to put her own spin on the classic. Shelton added that he loved the rock edge that was brought to the single. Coach Usher said that it was courageous to step in the shadows of Adele but Kelly used that as motivation and that this was a soulful, contemporary record.

Delvin Choice took the stage next, representing Team Adam. Choice took on a classic “Unchained Melody.” Shelton said that Choice did a great job and that even with his hair up, he sang the song very well. Last week, Shelton had made a comment that when Choice lets his hair down he is a better singer. Usher said that a song like “Unchained Melody” was performed in a very happy and upbeat way. Shakira added that his performance was perfect and his voice was very silky, which allowed Shakira to get lost in the performance. Levine said that at first Choice was unsure about the song choice but the song delivered the moment that Levine wanted to create.

Dani Moz from Team Shakira took the stage next following Choice. Moz took on “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!nk, which also featured the vocals of Fun.’s lead singer, Nate Ruess. Starting off the coaches’ comment was Levine, who said that there is no time to breathe during that song but that Moz did a fantastic job with the performance but that it lacked dynamics. Shelton said that when Moz really picks her moment during the song she stands out. Shakira added that Moz was fantastic and that her dynamics were perfect during the performance.

Next up to The Voice stage was Audra McLaughlin representing Team Blake. McLaughlin performed Juice Netwon’s “Angel of the Morning” which has never been performed on The Voice. Starting off the comments was Usher, who was impressed that McLaughlin could hold certain notes for so long. Levine added that she was always fantastic and the performance was amazing as always. Coach Shelton said that the fact that she has such a unique sound to her voice is important and needed in country music.

T.J. Wilkins followed McLaughlin with his own spin on John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World To Change.” Wilkins put his own unique twist on the chart-topping hit. Shakira started off the comments by saying that she is always cheering for Wilkins. Usher said that it was important for Wilkins to go with a new more modern record and that it was great to see a different side to Wilkins.

Next up from Team Adam was Christina Grimmie who took on the current chart-topping hit, “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. Shelton started off the comments by saying that dynamite really does come in small packages and she is the artist to beat on Team Adam. Shakira added that this is a complicated song and that this song was able to show the range that Grimmie has. Levine said he is more impressed and surprise by Grimmie with each performance.

Sisaundra Lewis took on “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” which was originally performed by Elton John. Usher wondered if it would get any better than this for Lewis and that her voice is very similar to that of Patti Labelle. Levine said that this performance showed some restraint from Lewis and that it was an impressive performance. Coach Shelton said that he appreciated what Levine said because they worked on that in rehearsals.

Continuing on in the performance was Kristen Merlin who took on “Stay” by Sugarland. Towards the end of her performance the mic audio went out and Merlin was singing without any microphone. Levine said that it was a great moment for Merlin and that she handled the audio snafu so gracefully, it was like nothing had happened. Shelton added that it was a great performance and she keeps getting better and better. Usher said that he is very grateful that he got to see a different side to Merlin with this song. Coach Shakira said that this was a performance that she got lost in and that she was very proud of Merlin.

Kat Perkins took the stage next to sing “Magic Man” which was originally performed by Heart. Shelton kicked off the comments by saying that Perkins is a true rock star. Usher said that it was an amazing performance and that her voice is very powerful and steady. Levine ended the comments by saying that it is clear that Perkins has really pushed the boundaries forward with her vocal range.

Jake Worthington followed Perkins singing “Anymore” by Travis Tritt. Shakira started off the comments by saying that Worthington is growing professionally and with fans. Shelton said honesty in country music goes 80% of the way and that Worthington has the ability to tell a story through his performance.

The second to last performance of the night went to Team Shakira and Tess Boyer. Boyer took on Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You.” Shelton said that Boyer is the artist on team Shakira to beat. Usher said that it has never been a question of how strong of a vocalist would be but now it is clear that she has taken the best from each one of her coaches and has grown as a vocalist. Shakira said that she has grown so much as a vocalist and that her energy always comes across on the stage.

Closing the show was Josh Kaufman representing Team Usher. Kaufman took on a Sam Smith classic, “Stay With Me.” Shakira started off the remarks by saying that it is incredible to hear what notes that Kaufman can hit. Levine, who used to coach Kaufman said that he was stupid for letting Kaufman go and that every time he performs her realizes it more and more. Shelton added that he is a major threat on Team Usher. Usher said that Kaufman was incredible and he is an amazing student on Team Usher.

The live results will be announced tomorrow night on NBC.



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