Washington woman gets 12 years in prison for starving mother to death

By Victoria Greene,

A Washington woman has been sentenced to 12 years in prison following the death of her mother, who was in her care.

According to Pekin Daily Times, when Carole Levin died at the age of 66 in July 2013, authorities were called to the scene. When they entered the woman’s room, they found her stuck to the bed by human excrement and covered in bedsores.

Carole Levin’s daughter, 42-year-old Jennifer Levin, was listed as her caretaker, but it was proven that she did little for her mother.

Before an autopsy was performed, Levin told the coroner that she had not starved her mother, but that the woman refused food. When the report came back, however, it revealed that Carole Levin had died of dehydration and starvation. Carole Levin weighed a scant 52 pounds at the time of her death, according to The Journal Star.

The prosecutor’s affidavit noted how dirty Carole Levin was when she died and how not only the bed had human waste in it, but the room itself was also covered in similar filth. She was covered in bedsores, some of which went down to the bone and were infected.

When authorities asked, Levin said her mother had not seen a doctor in two years.

Jennifer Levin has received 12 years in prison for criminal neglect of the elderly. Her sentence can potentially be reduced for good behavior.



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