Wedding crashers apologize to bride for ruining her special day

By Morgan Cox,

A bride who's wedding album was ruined by a couple who crashed her wedding in January, finally got an apology from the couple after they posted their photo on Facebook searching for answers.

According to WPVI, the couple reached out to the bride on Facebook after the post of their photo went viral.

"They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. I knew who I had sat at that table and knew they didn't belong," Krista Lamlin said.

The bride explained that she began asking family and friends if anyone knew who the couple was because she was afraid they were family members she hadn't met. However, none of the 120 relatives and friends invited knew who the mystery couple were.

"They were dressed to go. They were ready for the wedding because they didn't look bad, they blended right in," Suzanne Lamlin, the mother of the bride, said.

NY Daily News noted that the bride found humor in the situation until she started flipping through her wedding album and noticed the couple was photographed several times, ruining her photographic memories of her special day. Not only that, but the uninvited couple was eating and drinking the refreshments that the newlyweds had paid for.

"I think it's tacky. I think it's rude because it's someone's special day and they're impeding on it," the bride said.

The couple explained to the bride that they were guests at the Valley Forge resort and decided to join in on the fun with they noticed a party. Although they weren't meaning to cause any damage, the bride was left upset.

The wedding crashers apologized, and offered a belated wedding gift. Lamlin accepted the apology, but declined the gift.

Lamlin explained that she didn't want to cause any trouble, but she did want to "get the message out there that it wasn't OK to do."



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