Weed controversy sparks a Twitter brawl between Nancy Grace and Seth Rogen

By Amy Michura,

On Thursday, Nancy Grace took to Twitter to discuss her anti-marijuana feelings after a controversy. That lead to an open argument with actor Seth Rogen.

Grace got on Twitter and began discussing a recent incident in Colorado where a woman was shot, CNN reported. Grace questioned whether marijuana usage was a cause to this incident, as marijuana is legal in the state.

“Cops say daddy eats marijuana & goes crazy. He shoots his wife in the head while she pleads with 9-1-1 for help! #PotToBlame?” Grace posted on Twitter according to E! News.

She then continued as she also posted, “If pot makes you mellow and laid back, why does this guy allegedly turn berserk and gun down his wife? #PotToBlame?”

Grace questioned her Twitter followers once again, posting, “How many people must die before this stops?! #PotToBlame?”

That is when Rogen, an open marijuana advocate, took to his own Twitter and sent Grace a response.

As a result, Grace responded back to the Pineapple Express and Neighbors star. Instead of seeming too offended by the tweet, she replied back, “hi seth! Thx for watching!”



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