WHO Doctors: West Africa situation 'one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks we have ever faced'

By Kyle Johnson,

World Health Organization doctors have said that the West Africa Ebola outbreak has been very "challenging."

They said its "one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks we have ever faced," reports The Washington Post. Organization officials say the death toll is now over 100, with 157 cases confirmed and 101 dead in Guinea, and another 23 cases and seven deaths in Liberia.

WHO says dealing with the outbreak has been difficult because it hasn't been isolated to just one country, with suspected cases being reported in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Mali on top of Guinea and Liberia. Guinea is where the outbreak started and has been the hardest hit.

Other problems doctors face is that this part of Africa has never dealt with an Ebola outbreak before, like Congo and others have, plus false information hasn't helped much either.

WHO assistant director-general for health security, Keiji Fukuda, said, "We're dealing with quite a lethal infection, and because of that, these kinds of outbreaks are often surrounded by a great deal of fear and anxiety, creating rumors and making communications both challenging and very important."

Fear has caused some to lash out, such as citizens in Macenta, Guinea tossing rocks at Doctors Without Borders, believing it was the doctors' faults for the outbreaks. And in Mali, people protested in the capital city of Bamako after hearing about three suspected cases in the area.



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