Why mega concerts are becoming more popular in the concert industry

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The latest trend in concert-going includes massive stadium tours, which have become known as mega concerts. From Taylor Swift to U2, the hottest trend in concerts includes scheduling stops all across the United States and packing every seat in the house.

The latest musicians to jump on the stadium tour trend include, Mr. and Mrs. Carter themselves, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Beyonce and Jay-Z will be teaming up for a full stadium tour and it is likely to sell out within moments of tickets going on sale. Billboard confirmed that the two will be going on a 20-city tour.

When it comes to power couples in the music industry, Beyonce and Jay-Z top the list. They have the ability to sell out stadiums instantly, release albums without any promotional marketing and set the stage on fire when the two perform together.

Last summer Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake teamed up for a stadium tour that made over $5 million a show. Beyonce also went on tour and filled stadiums around the world to support her latest album at the time. This trend in the concert industry has not been seen since the late 90s when the boy band craze was at an all time high, with acts like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC selling out stadiums across the world. It makes senses that artists would want to take their show on the road and have fans experience their live shows on a large scale. With illegal downloads and streaming of new music still happening on a daily basis, this is a way for the artists to be creative along with paying the bills.

Tour promoters are also finding ways to split the cost of a massive stadium tour by teaming up artists with others, co-headlining has become commonplace for major musicians. This also helps to expose an entirely new audience to their music.

With mega concerts selling out faster than ever before, it is likely that this trend will continue on well in 2015 and beyond, especially, if Beyonce and Jay-Z are helping to take this trend to an entirely new and over the top level.



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