Wil Wheaton to host weekly talk show for Syfy

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Wil Wheaton has been named as host for an upcoming weekly talk show on the Syfy network. Wheaton made the announcement on Wednesday before the network could release an official statement.

The Hollywood Reporter explained that the upcoming show will feature Wheaton hosting and discussing geek culture items such as sci-fi, film, TV, video games and even some viral videos.

The Wheaton helmed series will be taking place this summer for 12 episodes and is titled The Wil Wheaton Project. The show will kick off on Tuesday May 27, at 10 p.m.

The show is being produced by Pilgrim Studios and Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols will be executive producers on the show.

Wheaton went into more detail on his personal blog about the upcoming project. He explained that he is not just the host of this upcoming project but is fully involved with all aspects of the show. "'I can’t just be a host, though,' I explained. 'I’ve been producing Tabletop for two seasons, and if I’m going to be the public face of a show, I need to have a hand in its creative direction. I want to write for it, and I need to be a producer,'" wrote Wheaton.

Wheaton recently made headlines when he answered a young fans questions about how he has dealt with being called a "nerd" his life. The video went viral and Wheaton became an instant topic of conversation on various social media sites.



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