Woman arrested for trying to run over husband

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Tennessee man called the cops on his wife Sunday and claimed that she intentionally tried to run him over in a church parking lot after Easter service.

According to the Leaf Chronicle, the husband said that his wife, Sarai Longhenry, tried to run him down because he did not approve of her driving skills.

A police report states that Loghenry’s husband told authorities that he refused to get in the car with her after church because of how erratic she had drove on the way there.

The husband then claimed that his wife became angered by his assessment and accelerated toward him. The vehicle ended up bumping the curb he was standing on and forced him to jump back into some trees.

When Longhenry reached the couple’s home military police were there waiting for her. The 36-year-old was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

She was released from the Montgomery County Jail on $1000 bond.

The Associated Press noted that court documents did not list an attorney for her.



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