Woman caught on camera stealing toy from toddler's grave

By Morgan Cox,

An Ohio woman has been caught on camera stealing a toy from a toddler's grave site.

The Ontario Police Department posted a video to their Facebook page showing the woman walking away from the grave, holding a plush duck toy, which she tole from the grave of a 14-month-old boy named Hayden, who passed away in 2007.

The Facebook post explains that the Ontario police set the camera up near the gravesite after a number of toys had been stolen.

"The family wants the person who did this to be held accountable," the police wrote on Facebook. "However they recognize that this person is probably not responsible for all of thefts from [their son's] gravesite. Most of all, the family just wants some assurance that they can leave a night light and a stuffed animal at their son’s grave without someone stealing it."

The Huffington Post noted that thousands of people have shared the video throughout social media sites and are outraged with the woman.

"I am so sorry that this family has to deal with this. Isnt it enough they lost their precious baby boy?" a Facebook user commented.

After gaining much attention from the Facebook post, WTVR reported that a woman by the name of Frieda Kay Shade of Mansfield admitted to being the person in the video.

Shade has been charged with petty theft and is scheduled to appear in court. However, she claimed that she was only taking the stuffed animal from the grave to keep a stray dog which she had spotted from destroying the toy.

The toddler's mother, Joyce Sheridan, does not believe the woman's claims as to why she stole the toy from her son's grave.

"I think it's a bunch of bull crap," she told NBC News.



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